September 30, 2014

What you get


You get lots of value for your investment, throughout every stage of your digital makeover.

Value at any price point; You decide. 

A bundled package is best for maximum effectiveness. However, we understand you may have a tight budget or not need the whole enchilada, so we also offer any of these components on an individual basis:

  • A Website: You will get a web presence, so people can find you and learn about your offerings when they are doing searches online.
  • E-commerce Capability: The ability for customers to not only find you online, but buy things from you as well!
  • A Mobile Presence: Most people search from their phones and / or tablets first – before they look for you on a desktop computer or laptop… Hence you want to make sure your website is Responsive. That means it will format nicely to the device the person is using, allowing for faster downloads and for ease of use on smaller devices.
  • A Digital Signage Player: When applicable, a well placed digital sign gets 10 times more noticed than a print sign and helps drive up sales when used properly.
  • Digital Content: Short videos and images for your digital sign and for re-use on your website. Not just random content, but content designed to sell for you.