October 6, 2015

Value Plan Details

Value Plan

This is a GREAT value for the money. You get all the features you need, without the ones you don’t. You’ll get our Content Management System (CMS) a Website for Desktop, a Website for Mobile, Blog Functionality and the ability to add PayPal payment buttons – for simple, one off purchases or donations. It also comes with a Contact Form and a short Custom Video for your website – included!

This is best for those who are only selling a handful of products and are really using the site to build their mailing list of potential buyers.

Here’s what you get

  • A Professionally Designed Website: – First, we start you off with a choice of beautiful frameworks. Ones that have been professionally designed, right down to the fonts and color choices. No matter which one you choose, it will look and function great on several browsers and devices.
  • A Mobile Presence: – Most people search from their phones and / or tablets first so you want to make sure your website is Responsive. That means it will format nicely to the device the person is using. Images will scale down, allowing for faster downloads and taking up less data usage (which your customers will appreciate). The layout will shift allowing for greater legibility and the navigation will simplify for ease of use with fingers on smaller devices. This will lead to a more pleasant experience, giving your customers the confidence in making a purchase from you.
  • A Blog: Post text, images and videos to your website as often as you’d like – without having to call us!
  • A Short Welcome Video: A short videos that will display on your website via YouTube and that can be re-posted on some other social media sites as well. Not just random content, but content designed to promote your business.
  • Flexibility: All our templates have tools for basic modification that anyone can use – and upload capabilities for those who have the knowledge to go the extra mile.
  • E-commerce Capability: The ability for customers to not only find you online, but donate – or buy a single product from you as well!
  • A Photo Gallery: Show of your service or your products in action
  • A Contact Form:Allow customers to contact you, without your email being posted for spammers to abuse.

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