How much is it?

How much is it?  Well, without getting to complicated, the answer is “it depends”…  It’s like buying a car, if you just want the economy car with the manual transmission,  then it will be less than someone who wants the luxury package with the automatic and the V8 engine.

That being said, we have plans to fit almost any budget – and no matter what you choose, it will be a great value when compared to the true cost of using many other systems.

Basic Plans start at $1495 + $29.95 a month for hosting*

Value Plans start at $1995 + $49.95 a month for hosting*

Advanced Plans start at $2495 + $69.95 a month for hosting**

If you don’t already have your own domain name, a small additional monthly fee may apply, since we would have to register and pay for one for you.

(*Optional Digital Signage is available with this plan).

(**Monthly fee would be determined by the frequency of your content update needs).

To learn more, ontact DigitalMakeovers.Biz here. We’ll send you a password to our protected content, where we give you more details on your options and pricing.