October 14, 2015

Included with all packages


You get lots of value for your investment, throughout every stage of your digital makeover.


Regardless of whether you choose a bundle or go a la carte, you will get great service and a good value for your investment dollars. After an initial consultation we’ll work out a plan and give you a Scope of Work document that defines exactly what you’ll be getting for your money before we continue to production.


Every client has different needs and goals, so this is the phase where we gather information unique to your situation.  We explain your options and the benefits of everything we offer, but tailor our solutions to only what you want.  In this phase you get:

  •   A Consultation to assess your needs and goals.  We can schedule a face-to-face or phone meeting for the consultation. To address your needs, we ask about problems and hurdles that you face on a daily basis.  To address goals we ask that you consider questions such as these –
    • Do you need more foot traffic to your store?
    • Do you want to extend your sales to on-line?
    • Do you want to inform, educate or spread a message?
    • Do you want to promote an event?


The strategy of how you intend users to interact with the site is important. One can put things in any order they would like, but thinking it through, will increase the odds of getting the desired actions from the users. In this phase we iron out they way we will approach the construction of your site or campaign.

A Project Plan that includes:

An Imaging and Messaging strategy.

A UX (User Experience) strategy

A UI (User Interface) design outline

•    A Scope of Work document.  Once we’ve worked out a plan (with your input), the Scope of Work document defines exactly what you’ll get for your money before we continue to the next phase.


The Design phase is when we actually start producing content for your make over.  It also entails setting up any websites / e-commerce solutions and mobile ready websites.  We procure any domain names (your website’s name),  and hardware (if applicable) on your behalf.  In this phase we commence with:

  •     Project Management of the total production process.
  •     Content Development (Implementing the website template)
  •     Content Creation (Utilizing your input, to develop your brand.)
  •     Text / Copy writing (Using professional writers to edit your content)
  •     Content Formatting and Loading. (Cropping and optimizing any images or video for web use.)


In this phase we go over all aspects of your Digital Makeover.  We give you logins and passwords and teach you how to use the various systems.  We show you how easy it is to update your website, add new products to your online store and more.  if you choose a subscription plan, you get personalized support to get you on your feet and fresh content to keep you going strong.  In this ongoing phase, we provide these services:
•    Website content support.
•    Web-store (aka E-commerce) support.
•    Content management**.
** If included in your subscription.

Customer Service:

And of course, we will keep in contact with you during all phases, keeping you informed of the progress being made and we’ll help you with any issues that you may have.