April 24, 2014

Why us?

Because we respect you:

DigitalMakeOvers.Biz Knows:

  • You need a responsive e-commerce website, because consumers are searching, comparing and buying through their phones.
  • Video content is more engaging an than other forms of media and therefore more effective at selling than other forms.
  • Digital signage is being used everywhere because it’s effective and that you need a piece of that action.
  • Customers have to find you. What’s the point of having an on-line store if no one knows it exists? Search Engine Optimization and a social media presence are fundamental in online success.


  • You already know a lot – You have to in order to be successful as a small business owner these days.
  • You know your service or product inside out.  That’s why we partner with you to learn about your business and craft the best messaging to deliver through various digital mediums and channels. (i.e. web and video, social media, mobile etc…)

You are good at what you do and we are good at what we do.  So let’s work together to make each other better.

The DigitalMakeOvers.Biz Difference:

No “bait and switch”  – Do not be fooled by the companies that claim to design your site for free. They work in one of 2 ways:  They design it for free, but you must pay to keep it – so it’s not free – OR – They give you a free site but if you want anything useful, like a contact form, you have to pay for that additional feature, each month!  (We saw one site where that feature alone was $10 a month!) Multiply that cost by the many features you will need to have a decent website – and you end up paying more!

Pre-Installed tools – There are many free blog sites and low cost hosting options out there – but many require installation with PHP, MYSQL and configuration of .HTACCESS files…  If you don’t know what those things are, then don’t even bother with the other guys –  just to avoid the headaches.

WE have easy to use WYSIWYG tools – With us you get east WYSIWYG tools. (Tools, not confusing code). WYSIWYG means “What You See Is What You Get”. Our tools are as easy to use as a word processing program like MicroSoft® Word.

Professionally designed templates – Gets your site up quickly, while still looking great. Don’t worry, with simple modifications our templates become personalized in no time..

Cost effective –  You want something useful, but inexpensive. Save money while still getting tremendous value.

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