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DigitalMakeOvers.Biz - Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites (Responsive Design)

These days, people will look you up on their phone before they ever set foot in your store.  It’s just as important to have a mobile presence as it is to have a website that is designed for a desktop computer or even a laptop. Smart phones with big screens and fast internet access have Read more about Mobile Websites (Responsive Design)[…]

DigitalMakeOvers.Biz E-commerce


Imagine the extra sales you could make if you stayed open 24 hours a day.  The expenses of labor, security, electricity, heating and more usually makes it cost-prohibitive to do so, but with an online store (also know as E-Commerce) now you can. Supplement your store hours for pennies on the dollar, compared to keeping Read more about E-Commerce[…]

DigitalMakeOvers.Biz - digital signage player

Digital Signs / Media Players

We like to call this digital sign (digital media player) a “S.A.S. Screen”. Why? Because S.A.S. stands for Sales Assist Screen, which is what these digital media players actually do – they assist with sales any time they are on. Digital signage has been proven to increase sales for the items that are promoted in Read more about Digital Signs / Media Players[…]