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Digital Signage is proven to be more engaging than print signage.

Everything you need to get up and running on the web,

Digital Signage

Digital signage has been proven to increase sales for the items that are promoted in it’s content. So even when you’re too busy to up-sell or cross-sell, your tireless assistant will be doing it for you. The screens practically pay for themselves in increased sales!


Imagine the extra sales you could make if you stayed open 24 hours a day. The expenses of labor, security, electricity, heating and more usually makes it cost-prohibitive to do so, but with an online store (also know as E-Commerce) now you can.

Mobile Websites

These days, people will look you up on their phone before they ever set foot in your store. It’s just as important to have a mobile presence as it is to have a website that is designed for a desktop computer or even a laptop.

Content Amplification

Ready to take your makeover to the next level? Try our Content Amplification services. These are ongoing services that help you get noticed by spreading your content to other relevant sources.

You're very own Web Design team.

It's like having your own personal Web Design Agency

DigitalMakeovers.Biz gives you a simple, comprehensive way to get your business on the web. We offer an affordable entry point onto the digital world that will take your business to the next level. With our affordable digital makeovers for small businesses, we make the complex world of digital media easy to understand and take part in.

"I host parties and huge events at various clubs and venues. I was impressed at how Digital Makeovers was able to adapt their packages to my special needs."

Patty Laurent - Patty Laurent Signature Events.

'Our site went down and we needed a placeholder fast! DigitalMakeOvers.Biz had a replacement up the next day. It looked so much better than what we had, we just kept their version of the site!"

Nathalie H. - Famous Homes Realty

"I'm a D.J. so I wasn't sure that a Digital Makeover would be useful for me - but the blog and calendar functions that came with my site work great. I noticed that more people attend my events than before. Thanks DigitalMakeovers.Biz!

Mike Cole - DJ MikeCheck